Protecting, Educating, Empowering Women & Children

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“Women and Children Charitable Foundation”

Our Women, Children Protection Foundation is inviting passionate people to make a change and have a passion for Volunteer, Donate and to share ideas on how we can impact our communities. Your, donations,  involvement and ideas will help release the resolve, fortitude, resilience & talent of a forgotten & “no-longer silent” human force. Our Foundation is working with other charitable organizations to Protect Women and Children by providing Anti-violence and Training Shelters. Furthermore, our Purpose is to Educate by providing Scholarships for Charter Schools and Universities and to Empower by providing financial and job resources to Women which in turn creates confidence and raises self-esteem.

Women and Children Foundation Founder Luis Ortiz Aguilar
The Face of Domestic Violence


Breaking the Cycle Of Violence in Oakland, CA.

Our Women Empowerment and Child Protection Foundation are doing its’ part in dealing with Domestic Violence. Unfortunately, in most countries, there is approximately 90% impunity in the prosecution of  Domestic Violence. In other words, the Paz Foundation cannot change the lax judicial systems of these countries. Therefore,  our mission is to provide shelters for women & children. We welcome  Victims of Physical, Psychological Abuse, oppression or abandonment to our future centers.

Women and Children Centers

Our Charitable Organization is currently working on opening our first Women & Children Center in Oakland, California, and Chicago, IL  The Centers will provide services, such as, emergency housing, warm meals, legal assistance, 24-hour hotline job-training and transitional housing assistance for victims that cannot return to their homes.

Visit Our Blog and engage with ideas, donations or volunteer your time at the upcoming Oakland CA Domestic Violence and Job-training Center or any of our social services programs we are offering.

Protecting Children, Building Confidence & Self-Esteem


The Paz Foundation is working with private and public agencies in various countries. In Saigon, Vietnam we are Rehabilitation Equipment for children with Down Syndrome, Autism and various types of cancers. Also, our Foundation is working with children that are suffering from Genetic Inheritance Diseases (GID), Agent Orange, Napalm Gas, and other chemicals. In Manila, Philippines, we are establishing a Women and Children’s Hospital to be built in the compound of a large Catholic Church.

Early Child Marriage: 

In Bolivia, we are working with young girls educating them o breaking the cycle of Early Child Marriage. Most girls marry early due to family economic pressure common in impoverished communities. Our Organization is working with the International Foundation Girls not Brides and their member organizations for the development of programs. By using their information and resources we can design programs to help young girls break the cycle of early marriage.

Early child marriage often leads to pregnancy, abandonment and economic stress to families and social services agencies. Our education and job training programs will make a difference in the lives of hundreds of young girls and their. We at the Paz Foundation welcome your donations for the Girls, not brides or any of our other social programs.

Visiting Children with Down Syndrome in Ho-Chi Minh City

our mission


Children; Our Hope And Our Future


Our purpose is to Empower Women and Children with Education, Scholarships and Charter Schools. In a world where Children are Oppressed, Exploited & Abused; our Charitable Organization is doing its part to make the necessary changes to protect Children from Social Injustice. In conclusion, by providing Education and Protection programs we can create productive & confident future leaders who will change the course of their Communities & the World.

In Arlington Heights, Illinois we are in the application process for accreditation for Ariston Institute (to be named Ariston University after accreditation). Ariston will be offering US-Accredited degrees to hundreds of students via our real-time online learning systems unique to our University.

Networking with Other Charitable Organizations

Ariston Institute of Higher Learning is “building bridges by networking with other Non-Profit  Foundations around the world. One of these Foundations is the Weinberg School located in Wellersee Zell Germany. In conclusion, the Weinberg School has been providing children and young people with room to grow and develop since 2006. We follow our own reformed educational approach, which focuses on the development of emotions and personality as well as the ability to develop relationships”. We closely consider the people that come to us, so that we can guide them as individuals to find their own strengths and visions for the future.

Children in Bolivia
Board of Directors Ariston Institute



The Ariston Institute of Chicago is a values-based educational college designed to instill character, morals, integrity, and ethics in our students. Our Innovative “work while learning” programs provide real-life experience. Ariston will be offering Associate, Bachelor’s and Graduate degrees in:

a. IT Technology and Artificial Intelligence

b. Sustainable Resources Technology Management

c. Biological  Agriculture and Organic Farming

d. Health Administration Management

e. c. Master’s Degree in NGO Leadership

Master’s Degree in Charitable Organization Management

Ariston Institute and The Paz Foundation’s Women and Children Charitable Organization are jointly working on a Master’s Graduate Degree Program with our newly formed Ariston Institute located in Arlington Heights, IL. The Master’s Degree in NGO Leadership is unique and in- fact-breaks the paradigm of Charitable Organization Management-. Our unique “hands-on” approach to learning NGO Leadership and management is different ” because we integrate theory with real-time learning and hands-on” implementation approach as follows:

A. All students and faculty are enrolled in a Non-profit Institute and a sponsoring NGO. B. Students spend a minimum of three weeks per-semester working with existing Non-Profits around the world. C. Students register their own Non-profit Organization in the USA or any nation of their choosing. D. Students learn how to fund-raise via the internet, social media, organizations. events, corporations, and government agencies. E. All students prepare a Thesis and essay based on their personal objectives, experiences, and unique projects for the world to view. We, at the Paz Foundation and Ariston Institute, believe that this Master’s Leadership Degree will have the most impact of any social degree offered at any University. Our graduating students will have the tools and support needed to make changes in their communities, states and internationally. Students will be equipped with knowledge and support to create self-sustaining communities and to empower hundreds of people. We welcome your support and donations for this highly anticipated graduate degree. We project to start in the Fall semester of 2021. Please visit our “Take-Action Page at the Paz Foundation Website.

The Aguilar Institute Research Center

Ariston University is preparing an Organic Agriculture Degree which includes a Research Institute named The Aguilar Institute
Ariston Institute Logo

Aguilar Institute Logo







Ariston University is preparing an Organic Agriculture Degree which includes our own Academic Research “Think-Tank”. The Aguilar Institute will be Researching and Preparing Scientific,  peer-reviewed essays and academic reports related to Biological Agriculture, Organic Food Farming, food preservation, innovative non-polluting food growing, and land preservation systems. Our “Boots-on-the-ground” approach to Research, Learning and Executing Projects is unique because all of our scientists, engineers, and future Farming managers are involved in the success of each and every Organic Food Production Project we start and complete.

The Non-profit business model of the Paz Foundation and the Aguilar Institute provides a platform for receiving millions of dollars in donations from corporations, universities, endowments, and people passionate about healthy food, saving our soils and removing pesticides and Chemical  Fertilizers.

our mission


“Empowerment is the process of increasing the capacity of individuals and groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes. When women succeed; nations are safer secure and prosperous. We know it is the key to economic growth, political stability social transformation”.

We are establishing a Micro-Lending Bank to assist women entrepreneurs with seed money for inventory or expansion of a business. There will offices in Chicago, Illinois, and Oakland California.

Micro-Lending is a source of financial services for women entrepreneurs and small businesses lacking access to banking and related services.  This type of banking is relationship-based and can be issued to a single individual or a group who all receive a portion of the total amount.


Women and Micro-Loans