Child Exploitation and Abuse a Worldwide Epidemic

January 14, 2019 10:05 pm Published by 1 Comment

According to a Child Protection Organization located in London England:

“Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a type of sexual abuse. Children in exploitative situations and relationships receive something such as gifts, money or affection as a result of performing sexual activities or others performing sexual activities on them.

Children or young people may be tricked into believing they’re in a loving, consensual relationship. They might be invited to parties and given drugs and alcohol. They may also be groomed and exploited online. Some children and young people are trafficked into or within the UK for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Sexual exploitation can also happen to young people in gangs

Child sexual exploitation is a hidden crime. Young people often trust their abuser and don’t understand that they’re being abused. They may depend on their abuser or be too scared to tell anyone what’s happening. It can involve violent, humiliating and degrading sexual assaults, including oral and anal rape. In some cases, young people are persuaded or forced into exchanging sexual activity for money, drugs, gifts, affection or status. Child sexual exploitation doesn’t always involve physical contact and can happen online”.

These are undeniable facts that we must face up to in our communities and around the world. Sadly, the poorer the country the more prevalent sexual abuse is, and consequently, becomes an industry like illegal drugs and other vices.

We at the Paz Foundation are making Child Abuse and Exploitation a first and foremost priority by implementing protection, awareness and support programs in every community we engage in.

We are already implementing an “early marriage” prevention program in La Paz Bolivia. This program is supported by the Girls not Brides International Organization: This program opens doors for young girls and teaches them a trade, sexual education and financial resources so they can become independent and educated. You can read more about this amazing organization on our Blog:

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  • Brandon Leslie Hamilton says:

    There have been literally hundreds of issues like this that have collided with us as a society. Many concerned citizens like me are now aware of these challenges because of a shrinking global society. Consider this as you visit other blogs on this website: The disadvantaged child, the homeless child, and the abused child will fall farther away to the fringe of world economies putting more financial pressure on towns, cities, and communities. Unchecked, this phenomenon could cause economic collapse. Solving today’s social problems is not someone else’s role. Each one of us has to respond!

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