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There is a saying: “Through hardships, character is formed”. In-fact, most people will be surprised that thousands of very famous and highly successful people have either been homeless, lived in housing shelters or in someone’s spare room.

Some of these people have openly spoke about tough times in interviews or have written about their hardships in books or articles. Famous people like: Ophra Winfrey, Hillary Swank, Eminem, Halle Berry, Arnold Schwarzenegger, J.K Rowling; Jennifer Lopes etc.

We at the Paz Foundation working on opening our first Women and Children Domestic Violence/Job Training Center in Oakland Ca. Our Foundation’s three phase approach is: Protection, Education and Empowerment.

We at the Paz Foundation (www.thepazfoundation.org) believe that there should never be shame in living in a shelter. Our shelter will offer fresh food, living quarters, mentors, social workers, legal services, professional counseling and job training opportunities.

Since 90% of abuse is due to emotional, physical and economic control in the hands others, we believe that by providing education on the root of abuse, providing counseling and economic freedom, we can break the cycle of violence –which at times can be generational–.

We welcome your comments, opinions and of course your donations  http://paypal.me/thePazFoundationUS   for this noble cause.

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Luis O. Aguilar

Director of the Paz Foundation

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