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The Paz Foundation has been granted NGO “Consultative Status” by the UN Economic and Social Council

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We are very proud to inform all our Associates, Members, Volunteers, donors, and the World that “The Paz Foundation has been granted (NGO) Consultative Status. The recommendation was issued by the United Nations Economic and Social Council’. Below is the body page of the letter issued the UN and ECOSOC on worldwide Social and Economic issues related to Women and Children:

Letter from the United Nations Council Social Council (ECOSOC)

18 June 2019

Dear NGO Representative,

Subject: Follow-up to the decision of the Economic and Social Council am pleased to inform you that the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at its Coordination and management meeting. Meeting took place on 6 June 2019 adopted the recommendation of the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to grant special consultative status to your organization, The Paz Foundation.

Please accept our heartfelt congratulations. Consultative status for an organization enables it to actively engage with ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies, as well as with the United Nations Secretariat, programmes, funds and agencies in several ways.

In order to better understand this relationship, we take this opportunity to provide some critical information about the privileges that consultative status. The ECOSOC confers on your organization, as well as the obligations that your organization will be required to meet under this relationship.

We, therefore, urge you to take the time to carefully review the information provided below.

A. Privileges and benefits of consultative status

1) ECOSOC Resolution 1996/31  Arrangements for consultations with NGOs are regulated by ECOSOC resolution 1996/31, adopted by the Council on 25 July 1996. Please review the entire resolution at http://csonet.org/content/documents/199631.pdf. For detailed information.

It provides information on ways to participate in the work of the Council, including opportunities to organizations. Such as yours to consult with the Member States and the United Nations system at large, based on the nature and scope of work that your organization undertakes.

Consultative relationship with NGOs also enables the Council or one of its bodies to seek expert information or advice from organizations with special competence in a subject matter;

The Paz Foundation 505 Fourteenth St., Suite 900, Oakland, CA, 94612. United States of America

Qualification Process

The process of qualifying is long, highly detailed and requires due-diligence, verification, and background checks on all members of the Foundation. We qualified based on two projects.

The first one is was based on our work in Bolivia with the Girls Not Brides International Foundation. We supported a charitable organization based in El Alto, Bolivia as consultants on creating work programs for young girls that will teach them a trade. These young girls also received family planning education with the full supports from women leaders of their communities.

These young girls which range from 10 to 18 were taken out of an environment where they vulnerable to sex abuse, rape and early marriage due to economic necessity. After two years the teenage pregnancy nearly came to a halt. These young girls are now very happy because they now have employment and money for basic needs. These young ladies can rely on the support of the community and the women’s group that has supported this noble cause.

We would like to thank Mrs. Lourdes Jeanette Eguivar Cordova for coordinating this highly rewarding and effective project that is changing the lives of many young girls in the communities.

The second project that qualified us as Consultative Organization for ECOSOC was a “White Paper” we wrote on “Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence”. This report was very impactful for the Board of Directors of the NGO Council. The White Paper addressed what the root of the problem of Domestic Violence the process of breaking away from abuse –which in some cases is generational–.   

We thank you for your support and we welcome your financial donations to the Paz Foundation Women and Children Social Programs.


Luis O. Aguilar

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