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The Faces of Global Education Part Two-Shared Responsibility

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The highest percentages of children that do not attend school live in African Countries. Am I expecting too much? Where does the responsibility to educate stop? How can you and I make funding Education for Women and Children self-sustainable? Maybe the current model of education funding could consolidate resources in a different way to impact education. “If we are still debating Education, as a basic right of each individual; then we are missing the boat: in fact,  the boat may have already left the dock” Bill. Nooney

Changing the way I think about education; changes what I can do. What is funding and by whom?

For many of the poorest families, school remains too expensive; children are forced to stay at home, doing chores or work outside the home themselves. Families remain locked in a cycle of poverty, that goes on for generations. In many countries in Africa, while education is theoretically free, in practice ‘informal fees’ see parents forced to pay, for ‘compulsory items’ like uniforms, books, pens, extra lessons, exam fees or funds to support the school buildings.(1)

“In other places, the lack of functioning public (government) schools, means that parents have no choice but to send their children to private schools that, even if they are ‘low fee’, are unaffordable for the poorest families who risk making themselves destitute in their efforts to get their children better lives through education” (2)

Can we all work together to improve Education?

“There are today …In the World..264 million children and youth not going to school – this is a failure that we must tackle together, because education is a shared responsibility and progress can only be sustainable through common efforts…Governments, schools and teachers have a frontline role to play here, hand-in-hand with students themselves and parents.” (3)

We live in the greatest time Period in the History of the World. You and I, all of us, have the skills and the “know how” to get this figured out. Thanks for listening!

And thanks For Joining us today. Bill

“The Paz Foundation was established to provide Protection, Education and Empowerment for Women and Children worldwide. We believe that education is the key to social change and prosperity and the reason why our major investment and scholarships in field of Education by Scholarships, Shelters with Job Training Centers, Micro-Lending for Small Business and on the College Level by the support of the Ariston Institute in Chicago Illinois.” (4)


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(3) Irina Bokova-Director-General of UNESCO

(4) PAZ Foundation

Image Source: Global Education Monitoring Report 2018/18

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