The Face of Domestic Violence
By / January 20, 2019

Top-10 Domestic Violence Centers in the USA

Domestic violence can be defined as patterns of behavior in a relationship used to gain power and control over a partner. Abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, economic, psychological, or some combination thereof. It can happen to anyone of any gender, race, age, sexual orientation, religion, profession, education, or socioeconomic background (though women are more likely than men to be victimized), and within couples who are married, living together, or dating.

We at the Paz Foundation have researched the top-10 most effective Anti-Violence centers and help organizations. From the list below one can conclude that Domestic Violence know ethnicity, age, gender, economic status or culture. We would like to thank the Directors of the Top-ten organizations for their work and dedication in helping thousands of victims overcome the stigma of being victimized and for the terrible pain they carry in their heart.

  1. American Bar Association Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence: The Commission seeks to address domestic and sexual violence from a legal perspective. Its mission is to increase access to justice for survivors of DV, sexual assault, and stalking by engaging the interest and support of members of the legal profession.
  2. Asian & Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence: The API Institute is a national resource center focused on gender-based violence (DV, sexual violence, and trafficking) in Asian and Pacific Islander communities. It addresses these issues by increasing awareness, strengthening community strategies for prevention and intervention, and promoting research and policy.
  3. Battered Women’s Justice Project: BWJP offers DV-related training, technical assistance, and consultation to members of the criminal and civil justice systems. The Project analyzes and advocates for effective policing, prosecuting, sentencing, and monitoring of perpetrators of domestic violence.
  4. Child Welfare League of America: CWLA is comprised of a coalition of hundreds of private and public agencies serving at-risk children and families. The League works to advances policies and strategies that promote safe, stable families and assist children, youth, and adults whose families don’t meet those criteria.
  5. Equality Now: Working with grassroots organizations and activists, Equality Now seeks to protect and promote the human rights of women and girls all over the world by documenting violence and discrimination against women and mobilizing efforts to stop these abuses.
  6. Futures Without Violence: FWV aims to advance the health, stability, education, and security of women, men, girls, and boys worldwide. To that end, the organization was a big player in developing the Violence Against Women Act (passed by Congress in 1994) and continues to work with policy makers and train professionals (doctors, nurses, athletic coaches, and judges) to improve responses to DV and educate people about the importance of healthy relationships.
  7. INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence: INCITE! describes itself as a “national activist organization of radical feminists of color advancing a movement to end violence against women of color and our communities.” Comprised of grassroots chapters across the U.S., the organization works with groups of women of color and their communities to develop political projects that address the violence women of color may experience both within their communities and individual lives.
  8. Institute of Domestic Violence in the African American Community: Run out of the University of Minnesota, the Institute has several clearly defined objectives: to further scholarship in the area of African American violence; to provide outreach and technical assistance to African American communities experiencing violence; to raise awareness about the impacts of violence in African American communities; to influence public policy; and to organize violence-related trainings on local and national scales.
  9. Jewish Women International: JWI seeks to empower women and girls through economic literacy, community trainings, and education about healthy relationships. The organization aims to end violence against women by advocating for policies focused on violence prevention and reproductive rights, developing philanthropic initiatives along similar lines, and inspiring “the next generation of leaders” by recognizing and celebrating women’s achievements.
  10. Manavi: Manavi, which means “primal woman” in Sanskrit, is a women’s rights organization committed to ending violence and exploitation committed against South Asian women living in the U.S. The organization provides direct service to survivors of violence, grassroots organization aimed at changing communities, and awareness programs on local and national levels.
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By / January 14, 2019

Child Exploitation and Abuse a Worldwide Epidemic

According to a Child Protection Organization located in London England:

“Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a type of sexual abuse. Children in exploitative situations and relationships receive something such as gifts, money or affection as a result of performing sexual activities or others performing sexual activities on them.

Children or young people may be tricked into believing they’re in a loving, consensual relationship. They might be invited to parties and given drugs and alcohol. They may also be groomed and exploited online. Some children and young people are trafficked into or within the UK for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Sexual exploitation can also happen to young people in gangs

Child sexual exploitation is a hidden crime. Young people often trust their abuser and don’t understand that they’re being abused. They may depend on their abuser or be too scared to tell anyone what’s happening. It can involve violent, humiliating and degrading sexual assaults, including oral and anal rape. In some cases, young people are persuaded or forced into exchanging sexual activity for money, drugs, gifts, affection or status. Child sexual exploitation doesn’t always involve physical contact and can happen online”.

These are undeniable facts that we must face up to in our communities and around the world. Sadly, the poorer the country the more prevalent sexual abuse is, and consequently, becomes an industry like illegal drugs and other vices.

We at the Paz Foundation are making Child Abuse and Exploitation a first and foremost priority by implementing protection, awareness and support programs in every community we engage in.

We are already implementing an “early marriage” prevention program in La Paz Bolivia. This program is supported by the Girls not Brides International Organization: This program opens doors for young girls and teaches them a trade, sexual education and financial resources so they can become independent and educated. You can read more about this amazing organization on our Blog:

  1. Aguilar

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By / November 2, 2018


There is a saying: “Through hardships, character is formed”. In-fact, most people will be surprised that thousands of very famous and highly successful people have either been homeless, lived in housing shelters or in someone’s spare room.

Some of these people have openly spoke about tough times in interviews or have written about their hardships in books or articles. Famous people like: Ophra Winfrey, Hillary Swank, Eminem, Halle Berry, Arnold Schwarzenegger, J.K Rowling; Jennifer Lopes etc.

We at the Paz Foundation working on opening our first Women and Children Domestic Violence/Job Training Center in Oakland Ca. Our Foundation’s three phase approach is: Protection, Education and Empowerment.

We at the Paz Foundation ( believe that there should never be shame in living in a shelter. Our shelter will offer fresh food, living quarters, mentors, social workers, legal services, professional counseling and job training opportunities.

Since 90% of abuse is due to emotional, physical and economic control in the hands others, we believe that by providing education on the root of abuse, providing counseling and economic freedom, we can break the cycle of violence –which at times can be generational–.

We welcome your comments, opinions and of course your donations   for this noble cause.

Published by,

Luis O. Aguilar

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By / October 9, 2018

The Faces of Global Education Series- Children Emotional Anxiety Disorders

A 14 year old teenager by the name of Teri lives with her Mom and her new husband,  and several  of his children,  in a small Wyoming town with a population of 2000. Her first year in Wyoming she received a 4.0  grade average and was a regional Junior Olympic Track Team Star. During her summers she would train with an Olympic and World Record Holder.  During 8th Grade, she stopped going to school and did not venture out of her bedroom very often.  In order to graduate,  she was required to go to summer school to make-up days missed. She was not participating in any Track and Field Events. Entering as a freshman in High School she still was not attending school or track and her behavior did not improve. Her biological Mom and Dad were forced to enrolled her in a school that has a residential program for Boys and Girls from ages 9 to 18,  that have Mental Health and behavioral problems. It is an accredited school, with sports, and daily recreational therapy. She receives individual, family, and group counseling from Licensed Mental Health Therapists.  Teri’s parents talk to her once a week for now,  and hopefully more often as she integrates more into the program. The first conversation with her was regulated to 5 minutes. Teri was resentful for being there and not at her other school. Her Mom and Dad did most of the talking and let her know their love for her. In the conversation they made it clear that her future and length of stay depends on her behavior, and she can make a choice.  Tough love.

NBC News reported in December 2017 that “Over 20% of Teenage Boys and Girls are affected by Mental, Emotional of Behavioral disorders and are the most common illnesses that children will experience under the age of 18.”

In this series we will examine and discuss  progress and the over all state of American Children’s Mental Health issues including reports on what has led to this condition and treatment programs.

We will also follow Teri’s experience and treatment though this process

What role does social media play into these conditions?

What could Teri’s Mom and Dad tell her to help.

The PAZ Foundation is Dedicated to Women and Children.

Join Us Today

Bill Nooney

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Education Cartoon
By / September 26, 2018

The Faces of Global Education Part Two-Shared Responsibility

The highest percentages of children that do not attend school live in African Countries. Am I expecting too much? Where does the responsibility to educate stop? How can you and I make funding Education for Women and Children self-sustainable? Maybe the current model of education funding could consolidate resources in a different way to impact education. “If we are still debating Education, as a basic right of each individual; then we are missing the boat: in fact,  the boat may have already left the dock” Bill. Nooney

Changing the way I think about education; changes what I can do. What is funding and by whom?

For many of the poorest families, school remains too expensive; children are forced to stay at home, doing chores or work outside the home themselves. Families remain locked in a cycle of poverty, that goes on for generations. In many countries in Africa, while education is theoretically free, in practice ‘informal fees’ see parents forced to pay, for ‘compulsory items’ like uniforms, books, pens, extra lessons, exam fees or funds to support the school buildings.(1)

“In other places, the lack of functioning public (government) schools, means that parents have no choice but to send their children to private schools that, even if they are ‘low fee’, are unaffordable for the poorest families who risk making themselves destitute in their efforts to get their children better lives through education” (2)

Can we all work together to improve Education?

“There are today …In the World..264 million children and youth not going to school – this is a failure that we must tackle together, because education is a shared responsibility and progress can only be sustainable through common efforts…Governments, schools and teachers have a frontline role to play here, hand-in-hand with students themselves and parents.” (3)

We live in the greatest time Period in the History of the World. You and I, all of us, have the skills and the “know how” to get this figured out. Thanks for listening!

And thanks For Joining us today. Bill

“The Paz Foundation was established to provide Protection, Education and Empowerment for Women and Children worldwide. We believe that education is the key to social change and prosperity and the reason why our major investment and scholarships in field of Education by Scholarships, Shelters with Job Training Centers, Micro-Lending for Small Business and on the College Level by the support of the Ariston Institute in Chicago Illinois.” (4)



Footnotes and References:



(3) Irina Bokova-Director-General of UNESCO

(4) PAZ Foundation

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By / September 15, 2018

The Faces of Global Education Part One-Women and Children

Global Education is a Geo-political process; making the delivery of Education to all those that desire to improve themselves, provide for family and friends, or improve the world in which we live; is all about the money.

Education is the key to social change and prosperity. Money spent on Education is an investment, with an identifiable return, linked to a decrease in poverty, decrease in domestic violence, improving the health and welfare of people, which in turn creates jobs, and a better economy; producing more teachers, more classrooms, and more material, and more resources.

However, I am not going fool you or anyone, let’s talk straight up, and not be concerned with political correctness: the number one need for Education, is not only the money, it is also the money put to work in the right way.

One thing I can assure you, is that looking at Education on a global scale, and expecting it to be simple , and free of conflict… is like… expecting a bull to not charge at you because you are a vegetarian.

“Female Education” is a catch-all term of a complex set of issues and debates, surrounding education for girls and women. It includes areas of gender equality and access to education. When there is a discussion on the education of Women and Girls, a lot of people turn their heads waiting for a Political statement like to ones made on Fox News or CNN, when in reality the Statistics are clear  about how many  Women and Girls go to school, and there is truth in the social and family advantages of Women and Girls getting an education.

In many situations, poverty forces families to choose which of their children to send to school with boys often going; and Girls often missing out and made to stay at home, to look after siblings, and work on household chores.

When Women and Girls do attend Schools that don’t provide access to separate toilets, washing areas, and sanitary products can discourage girls who are menstruating from attending classes

Sometimes parents keep their children home because the commute to, and from school is unsafe and the risk of attacks on girls’ schools is a serious concern.

Early childbirth and marriage are other factors that contribute to girls missing out on an education. In cultures where these expectations are the norm, girls’ education by may be lower on a family’s list of priorities.

“The Paz Foundation was established to provide Protection, Education and Empowerment for Women and Children worldwide. We believe that education is the key to social change and prosperity and the reason why our major investments are in the area of Education by Scholarships, Shelters with Job Training Centers, Micro-Lending for Small Business and on the College Level by the support of the Ariston Institute in Chicago Illinois.

Thanks for listening!

And Thanks For Joining us Today.

Bill Nooney

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By / August 29, 2018

Help us end Child Marriage Around the World

In a recent CNN report as described by Jidenna (in his own words). Jidenna is a Grammy-nominated recording artist and producer.

pp: “It was reported that In Sub-Saharan Africa, 38% of girls are married before they’re 18. Right here in my backyard, child marriages persist in the US because about half of the states have no legal minimum age for girls to be married. It’s 2018, and 15 million girls become child brides every year. That’s one girl every 2 seconds”.

Based on a report by International Business times ( the countries with the most Child marriages are: Niger, Chad; Malawi, Bangladesh and India. According to United Nations Population Funds ( UNFPA) Niger has the highest percentage of child marriage in the world (75%). In Niger one in three girls is married before the age of 15, and 75% of women aged 20 to 24 are married before they reach 18.

If you don’t like what you see, reach out to a local or national program working on this issue or to international organizations such as the,, a platform dedicated to girl’s empowerment and education, or, a global partnership of 900 organizations devoted to ending child marriage. Your support can put an end to this in our lifetime.

Furthermore, we at the Paz Foundation will continue to emphasize to men around the world that these are not exclusively women’s issues; these are our issues and they will only be resolved once we stand in support of women who have given life to mankind and have supported us since the beginning of time.

To paraphrase Jidenna; “Our girls — regardless of ethnicity, religion or socio-economic class — deserve a chance to be educated, to gain independence and to pursue their dreams. Let’s make sure they all have that chance in every corner of the planet”.


Luis O. Aguilar

Director of the Paz Foundation

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By admin / August 29, 2018


In the Book of Corinthians Verse 13-4-8: The Apostle Paul instructs the Church of Corinth that: “Love is Patient; it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, it does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered and does not keep record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth; love always protects, always trusts always hopes and perseveres. Love never fails and where there are prophesies they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled and where there is knowledge, it will pass way.

The Paz Foundation was established in 2013 to PROTECT-EDUCATE AND EMPOWER women and children whom are victims of domestic violence, abuse and neglect. I, as the director and founder of the Paz Foundation; during or after giving lectures, speeches or discussions regarding domestic violence, abuse, oppression and neglect often get asked the same question: “were you a victim of abuse”?

People are always surprised to learn that I was not abused physically or emotionally, however, I have been a victim of abandonment and I have learned that when opening discussions regarding these social ills; people can at times become passionate and deep-seeded passions, pain and hurt feelings can at times be suppressed or pain and suffering can be released.

Regarding this posting; I would like to receive opinions, feedback and frank discussions on the subject of Emotional, Physical abuse and oppression vs. abandonment; –or is the answer as simple as listening and obeying the “Word of God” and drinking from his well of wisdom–?

We welcome your comments on


our Blog on WordPress, posting on Facebook and Twitter or our website: feather

By / August 29, 2018

Education is the Gateway to Change

Despite great progress in the last few years, millions of children are still denied their right to education. Restricted access to education is one of the surest ways of transmitting poverty from generation to generation. Education is a vital human right, enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. We at the Paz Foundation (  believe that Every girl and every boy should have the right to a quality education so that they can have more chances in life, including employment opportunities, better health and also to participate in the political process.

We welcome your donations:



Source: Global Partnership for Education

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By admin / August 29, 2018

The Paz Foundation Inaugurates Ariston Institute Chicago, IL

Ariston Institute and The Paz  Foundation ( have joined to form a “Non-Profit Institute of Higher Learning” to be located in Chicago, Illinois. On June 11, 2018 we celebrated the swearing-in of our Board Members and have now begun the process of registering Associate, Bachelor and Masters’ Degree programs. Our courses will be thought at our campus and online in “real-time” to local and foreign students, in qualified countries.

Ariston Institute will be under the leadership-supervision of Dr. John Kalaras, Dr. Carlos Gabler and Luis Ortiz Aguilar. Our highly qualified Board of Directors come from multi-cultural backgrounds and have extensive experience in varied professional disciplines and industries.

Our Non-Profit Higher Learning concept is designed on the “learn and practice” principle. All students will actively manage “start-ups” and measure their progress in “real world” practices of team-building. Ariston will be working with the latest IT technology under the supervision of Dr. Angelo Bravos and his team of experts.

Ariston is also registering The Paz Foundation Graduate Degree in NGO Leadership. This unique Masters’ Degree will teach students a “hands-on approach” on designing their own Non-Profit Organization business model. Students will learn legal, compliance, fundraising and day-to-day operation of their own Charitable Organization on a local, state, national or Non-Government Organization (NGO) International level.

Thank you for your support,

  1. L. Aguilar

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