Ariston Institute has Been Granted 501(c) 3 Status

Ariston Institute has Been Granted 501 (c) 3 Status

Our Institute of Higher Learning Ariston Institute has been granted 501 © (3) Tax-Exempt Status by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Ariston Institute and the Paz Foundation are working in partnership to create a University based on Charitable works. Also, we are working with “real-time” online learning courses and a brick and mortar venue located in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

We are currently operating in on the qualification and accreditation status and course planning. Dr. Kalaras and Mr. Luis Ortiz Aguilar Sr. are the founders of Ariston Institute and operate under the supervision of Board of Directors made up of highly qualified educators, professionals and community leaders.

Currently, we are closing on a dual building complex located in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Ariston will be operating administrative and planning activities in the summer of 2020 and officially teaching accreditation courses starting in January 2021. We welcome your Donations for Ariston Institute’s Scholarship Program.

We are registering the following Education Programs for accreditation:

  • IT Technology and Artificial Intelligence
  • Sustainable Resources Technology Management
  • Biological Agriculture and Organic Farming
  • Health Administration Management
  • Master’s Degree in NGO Leadership
  • Ariston is registered with “GuideStar” as a 501 3(c ) Charitable Organization

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