Children’s Charity Organization Scholarship Fund

Children’s Charity Organization and Ariston Institute Scholarship Fund

We are proud to announce the registration of the Paz Foundation Children’s Charity Organization and Ariston Institute International Scholarship Fund. Our non-profit organizations have joined to create The “Beto Enriquez” Memorial Scholarship Fund. The International Fund will commence fundraising activity in July in the USA, similarly, in seven other countries

Donation Drive

Our Foundation will be starting a funding and donation drive starting the first week of July 2020 and end on December 30, 2020. Therefore, please make your donations before the end of 2020. Also, we welcome other types of donations, for example, vehicles, life insurance, artworks, etc.  

Firstly, the initial $50,000 in donated funds will come from finances earned by the Founder MrLuis Ortiz Aguilar. In other words, the Scholarship Fund will commence with $50,000, secondly, the remaining $150,000 will be donated by our individual donors and corporations. Therefore, we need to raise a total: $200,000 before the end of October  2020. 


The Paz Foundation and Ariston Institute non-profit organizations have joined to create the “Beto Enriquez” Memorial Scholarship Fund. Adalberto “Beto” Enriquez was born in Guadalajara, Mexico.  At the age of three he and his mother immigrated to the USA. “Beto”  was a humble and highly intelligent student who had a passion to study and learn about History, Science and Technology. As a result, he was always in the top five students in his classes. 

Mr. Enriquez joined the US Air Force reserves and was promoted as a Master Sargent while on active duty, also, he worked as an Air Force  civilian. Mr. Enriquez had passed many exams with the highest percentages, as a result, he was promoted as director of the quality assurance contracts division of the Challenger Space Program.

In other words, we established the education disciplines, due to the fact, that  Mr. Enriquez was very passionate about education in the areas of science, technology and history. Also,Mr. Enriquez is the brother of our Founder Mr. Luis Ortiz Aguilar, consequently, he (Beto) was the inspiration behind the forming of the “Beto Enriquez International Scholarship Fund. 

Mission Statement

The” Beto Enriquez”  International Scholarship Fund is a “values based”  fund is established to provide Scholarships and Grants for high-quality Elementary, College and University Education for qualified Students Worldwide”

Vision Statement

“ Is to Enrich the Lives of Thousands of young students by providing Scholarships for innovative education and for University students for education of high demand professions”

Children’s Charity Organization and Ariston Institute Scholarship Fund Types of Scholarships

The Paz Foundation Children Charity Organization and Ariston Institute Scholarship Fund will be providing Twelve (12) Scholarships for Students whom meet the criteria established under the rules and qualifications set forth in our scholarship qualification manual. The Scholarship Fund will donate over $200,000 in three Education Institutions, as a result, we are providing 12 Scholarships as follows:

1. Charter Schools Education Scholarship. Four (4) Scholarships at $10,000 for each chosen student

2. We are funding Four (4) $15,000 cash Scholarships for College for each chosen student

3. We will be funding Master’s Degree Scholarship: Four (4) Cash Scholarships of $20,000 for each chosen student

The Paz Foundation and Ariston Institute Scholarship Fund Requirements include:

A. All participating applicants should have a written essay on why they should be awarded a scholarship

B. All applicants should have a record of volunteering or involvement with non-profit organizations

C. All applicants must obtain a High GPA in Science and Technology

D. Applicant should have a minimum  of three (3) letters of recommendation from organizations and schools attended

All Students wishing to apply for scholarships can request an application via our administrator Dr. John Kalaras Email:, Also, applicants can download the application via our Facebook account. Similarly, we will be posting the application on our website for those candidates who meet the criteria. Therefore, there will be four portals from which to apply.

We welcome your Donations via our Paz Foundation Website for our Scholarship Fund. Firstly, all visitors and donors will be able to view how much in funds received in donations on our website. For example, our viewers and participants can view our fund activity on our Facebook Page. As a result, all parties will be able to participate in the activities of the Scholarship fund.

Application Deadlines

In addition, all Scholarships will be awarded in December 2020 for the 2021 School and college semesters. Therefore, we urge all USA applicants to turn in their applications starting July 15, 20202. Similarly, we ask the international applicants to submit all applications in English versions only.

The Paz Foundation would like to thank Dr. John N. Kalaras and the Board of Directors of Ariston Institute for their support and participation in the forming of the “Beto Enriquez” International Scholarship Fund. In conclusion, we would like to thank our major donors, designers, volunteers and the many supporters of our social causes. Similarly, we would like thank our Paz Foundation Founder Mr. Luis Ortiz Aguilar.

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