Five Ways to Raise Happy Children


Growing up with mostly women –and no father– I learned to observe the female mystique and their common-sense approach to raising children. As a child, I learned to embrace their beauty faults, drama, fallacies, passions, joys, and sorrows.  In other words; I learned that we as males had a lot to learn about women and their God-given instincts.

Because I lived with women, I learned to accept their multiple mood swings, their passion for dance, clothes, obsession with their hair, bodies, their insecurities. Also, learned about a complex and sometimes obsessive chatter of subject known as “meeennn!.

When I became a teenager, I mistakenly thought that I was equipped to deal with just about anything women can throw at me and still eat my cake (wrooonggg!!!). At the very young age of 16, I met a very pretty and sexy girl named Rose. Naturally, I was not ready to settle down with Rose at that age and I “played the field” and became what I perceived as a well-known “ladies man”.

Little did I know that what I perceived as a good thing (ladies man!), women had other labels for guys like me; such as-: A. Womanizer, B. A Liar C. A Cheater D. A dog, etc. After chasing many women,  I returned to the “scene of the crime” and settled with my “first love” Rose.

Shortly after she forgave me for my immaturity, we decided to live together and we had three beautiful children. Rose and I were very passionate about family and we had many gatherings year-round. We celebrated everything under the sun and we introduced our children to music, dancing, outings, and of course, “family drama”.

By now I am sure you want me to ” cut to the chase” and give you my advice on raising confident children, hence, I offer the following advice:


In actuality, there are more than FIVE ways to raise confident and happy children, however, my advice is based on my own experience of growing up without a father, accepted cultural norms, religious beliefs, ideologies, etc.

  1. From the time the children are conceived, you should share your joy with others. Sing to the baby and mother while during the nine months of pregnancy. Pamper mother and make her feel special for carrying a beautiful soul.
  2. When your child comes into this world; sing to them, bathe them and let them feel your love for them.
  3. When they start growing up, give them instruction and take time to learn about their abilities, talents, as well as their weaknesses, fears, and insecurities.
  4. Lead by example; teach your children that it is OK to make mistakes so you can grow and learn together as a family.
  5. Become a friend to them as they are growing up and do not judge them harshly. Most importantly; REWARD THE EFFORT AND NOT THE RESULTS.

In conclusion, If you follow these simple rules of raising children; you will not only become a great teacher, you will become an excellent student.

Author, father, and friend,

Luis Ortiz Aguilar is the President and Founder of the Paz Foundation. We welcome your donations for our women and children’s Social Causes.

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