Motivation and Empowerment Videos for Charitable Organizations

Motivation and Empowerment Videos to motivate Charitable Organizations. The Paz Foundation is a Charitable Organization that was was founded and established to Protect, Educate and Empower Women and Children who are Victims of Abuse, Violence, exploitation, or Neglect.

The Three Areas of Emotional and Empowerment Support are:

PROTECTION: We have protection programs for Women and Children. We protect them from the ills of Domestic Violence, Physical and Emotional Abuse, Child Exploitation. Studies have proven that these Physical and Emotional  experiences can lead to drug use, alcoholism, and the continued cycle of abuse against those we profess to love.

EDUCATION:  of Women and Children via our Ariston Institute of Higher Learning. Also, we are offering College, Scholarship and Grants programs. Some of these degrees are:  Education in Business startups, Economics 101, IT and Social Media Marketing, App Development and Small Business Management.

EMPOWERMENT:  In conclusion, we a the Paz Foundation believe that the power of positive thinking, Charity and Community Service can build a person’s confidence resilience and fortitude. We welcome your DONATIONS and ideas on how we can better serve our communities and the world.

Our Featured Video emphasizes the power of resilience and, fortitude and a positive attitude that is learned and perfected through a clear vision. We believe that anyone, regardless or ethnicity, color. or religion can accomplish anything through hard work, dedication, perseverance and resolve.

We at the Paz Foundation will be adding new videos every 15 days. Each Video will inspire all of our readers, volunteers and workers around the world. We welcome your suggestions, ideas and donations for our many women and children social, education, empowerment and protection programs. Check up out on Facebook, Google my business, Twitter  or write us or contribute to our blog page.


Luis Ortiz Aguilar

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