Master’s Degree in Non-Profit Organization Management

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The Paz Foundation is working on a Master’s Graduate Degree Program with our newly formed Ariston Institute to be located in Arlington Heights, IL. The Master’s Degree in NGO Leadership is unique and in fact, breaks the paradigm of Charitable Organization Management. Our unique “hands-on” approach to learning NGO Leadership and management is unique because we integrate theory with real-time learning and hands-on implementation approach as follows:

A. All students and faculty are enrolled in a Non-profit Institute and a sponsoring NGO. B. Students spend a minimum of three weeks per semester working with existing Non-Profits around the world. C. Students register their own Non-profit Organization in the USA or any nation of their choosing. D. Students learn how to fund-raise via the internet, organizations. events corporations and Government agencies. E. All students get to prepare a Thesis and essay based on their personal objectives, experiences, and unique projects for the world to view.

We at the Paz Foundation and Ariston Institute believe that this Master’s Leadership Degree will have the most impact of any social degree offered in any University. Our students will have the tools and support needed to make changes in their communities, states and internationally. Therefore, by empowering hundreds and thousands of people and creating self-sustaining communities.

We welcome you support and donations for this highly anticipated graduate degree we project to start in the Fall semester of 2021. We welcome any and all donations (no matter how small or large). Please visit our “Take-Action Page at the Paz Foundation Website.

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